SEPI SCREENS S.n.c. has been producing projection screens since 1998, and represents the evolution of Sepi S.r.l., a company which has been active in the market of professional projection since the beginning of the '80s.

This over thirty-year-long experience has allowed us to have an in-depth knowledge of everything that has to do with projection surfaces, the materials used and the techniques necessary for the making of high-quality products.

During its constant evolution, our production has never lost the attention to detail typical of craftsmanship. This quality, which enables us to emerge in the world of professional screen production, allows for complete customisation of the items that we produce. As a result, we are able to meet each customer’s specific needs: from the simple production of non-standard size screens to the actual design of tailor-made solutions.

Attention to detail is a defining feature of our products and it concerns both materials and accessories – all of excellent quality – as well as the production process.

The wide variety of products offered ranges from traditional electric screens to tensioned ones, from false ceiling screens to extra-large electric ones, from rigid frame Home Theatre or rental screens to automatic roll-up screens with spring mechanisms. They are all available in different sizes, and it is possible to choose among a wide variety of projection surfaces.

One of our strong points is definitely our technical and logistic ability to produce good size screens, which has allowed us to become a sure reference for this type of product both in Italy and abroad. We produce movie theatre screens as well as screens for fair events, which can be flanged and eyeleted or simply jointed.

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