Environment and human health protection are now a priority in any working environment; all products must be designed and produced minimizing their impact on our surroundings, at every point of their existence.

As for the production cycle, we have taken steps to reduce our consumption of natural gas, and our water distribution and electrical systems have undergone strict and constant checks in order to ensure their efficiency and avoid waste. Furthermore, our manufacturing emissions are not harmful to the external environment, and production is carried out without cleaning solvents and does not produce waste that may be dangerous or toxic to humans or the environment.

Whenever possible, our products are assembled using reusable, salvageable or recyclable materials, such as aluminium – very light and resistant – used in the production of screen cases and frames.

The coating of metal parts is done with powder paint, which does not produce harmful emissions and guarantees aesthetic quality as well as durability.

All the PVC projection surfaces that we use meet the requirements of Regulation EC 1907/2006 (REACH) adopted by the European Union in order to increase human health and environment protection from potential risks related to the use of various chemical substances.

The type of packaging is chosen very carefully as well; it is made mainly of cardboard and wood, whereas plastic materials are used only when strictly necessary.

We believe that we must act this way to meet our clients’ best interest as well as everybody else’s.

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