In our work, we always try to oversee the making of the product in every aspect – aesthetic, functional and technological.

That is why all our screens, especially conceived to become part of domestic and professional environments, feature a refined design, which is never too invasive and is a sober and elegant fixture.

For the making of our products we exclusively use high-quality materials and one of the most resistant aluminium alloys, which allow for great structural strength and limited weight in both frame and motorised screens.

All the profiles are extruded from our design by proprietary matrixes. The coating is done with epoxy powder, which guarantees high durability and keeps colours unaltered through time.

It is essential to ensure that motorised screens are working correctly through time, and this is the reason why for their operation we opted for German-made Becker gearmotors, as they offer a high degree of security and reliability.

Another important feature is their incomparable quietness, guaranteed during operation by sound-absorption rubber details onto which the motors are mounted; these are especially designed by us to eliminate any possible vibration or noise.

The electrical parts are certified according to the European regulations in force.

All fabrics in our catalogue are made of PVC, have a reaction to fire classification – M1, M2 or B1 – and are homologated to prevent fires, in line with the strictest regulations on the subject. Thanks to the technology that we use, our fabrics can be welded with nearly invisible seams until reaching large sizes.

PVC is a material which, due to its properties, allows for the making of surfaces with very distinctive features – both for front projection and rear projection – which adapt well to the needs of the world of professional projection thanks to their reflection homogeneity and evenness of colour, essential features for the making of high-quality screens.

becker gearmotor