Telecomando mod. RE-10

Remote Control model RE-10

The RE-10 remote control with external receiver allows to control the movement of the motorised fabric by means of a small radio frequency transmitter. The receiver is to be connected to the motor and the main supply. It can be placed in sight or behind panels or false ceilings, and makes it possible to use a wall switch. Due to its characteristics and the type of connection required, it may be installed even after the mounting of the screen.

Telecomando mod. RE-10 con RTU Universale 2

Remote Control model RE-10 with Universal RTU

The RE-10 radio control with universal RTU was conceived to synchronize the use of the video projector with the electric screen. It also includes a 12-Volt transmitter to be connected to the RTU output of the projector, a receiver for the screen, and an additional hand-held transmitter. The impulses generated by the 12-Volt transmitter when the video projector is turned on and off allow for the lowering and the raising of the fabric to be controlled. The hand-held transmitter allows for the electric screen to be used independently.

Telecomando mod. RB-45

Remote Control model RB-45

The RB-45 remote control with integrated receiver only requires the connection of the electric screen to the main supply in order to be installed, as the receiver is inside the motor. The radio frequency transmitter – which also has a well-finished design – allows for the setting and controlling of up to three limit switches placed at different heights. Due to its characteristics, such an accessory does not allow for the connection of a traditional wall switch, and needs to be requested at the same time as the screen, as it cannot be installed at a later time.

Radiotrasmettitore mod. EC-311

Radio transmitter model EC-311

Additional wall transmitter for RB-45 remote controls. By means of this accessory, it is possible to control the electric screen, not only with the transmitter of the remote control, but with a radio frequency wall switch as well. For its installation, there is no need to open up walls, nor are any particular set ups necessary. In order to be used, the screen must be provided with an RB-45 Remote Control.

Radiotrasmettitore monocanale mod. EC-541

Single channel Radio Transmitter model EC-541

This additional portable transmitter for RB-45 remote controls needs the screen to be provided with an RB-45 Remote Control in order to be used.

Radiotrasmettitore multicanale mod. EC-545-II

Multi channel Radio Transmitter model EC-545-II

With this portable five-channel transmitter for RB-45 remote controls, it is possible to control up to 5 electric screens, both individually and simultaneously. It is useful in case you need to control various screens in one single room. In order to be used, each screen needs to be provided with an RB-45 Remote Control.

Coppia di staffe regolabili da 5 a 15 cm

Pair of adjustable brackets (from 5 to 15 cm)

This pair of adjustable brackets for the Telly and Master electric screen series allows you to move the box from the wall without having to modify the original hanging system.

Coppia di Stativi per Jolly Frame

Pair of Stands for Jolly Frame

These stands for the positioning of Jolly Frame screens onto the floor are made of aluminium, have a 30 mm square section and an antireflective matt black coating.

By means of side anchor bolts and holes on the upper portion of the stand, it is possible to position the screen at various heights in a stable manner. Floor support is guaranteed by two horizontal segments, which may be also lowered separately and are locked by means of specially provided 45° reinforcing joints.

The product is provided with 4 binding screws equipped with black PVC “butterfly” knobs, and when folded it is light and compact, which makes it easier to carry.

VPR Lift mod. SL-100 / SL-200

VPR Lift model SL-100 / SL-200

This is a professional range of motorised lifts for video projectors with a pantograph movement system and a sturdy steel and aluminium structure. They allow to lower the projector down by 100 cm (model SL-100) and 200 cm (model SL-200) from the ceiling.

The practical anchoring system allows for a perfect setting of the bracket even in the presence of an uneven ceiling. The board onto which the projector is to be fixed is completely perforated, making the bracket compatible with most of the devices on the market.

It is also possible to provide for its complete storage into the false ceiling as the panel removed for installation can be applied underneath by means of an accessory.

It is provided with a three-position switch for rolling, unrolling and stopping, and – on request – it is possible for the bracket to have a remote control.The SL-100H version is characterised by an oversized projector case, so that it can house even very large home cinema devices.